Author Guidelines

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Management Science Kolkata

Author Guidelines

  • The manuscript should be with minimum 4000 and maximum 7500 words including the references.

  • Title page containing the title of the paper, author’s name, designation, official address, contact phone/fax number, e-mail address and a brief biographical sketch of the author(s)

  • Abstract of not more than 200 words in italic font type along with the key words

  • Please follow APA style for the referencing and formatting purpose. For more please visit

  • Title should be BOLD, in TIMES NEW ROMAN, with 14Pt. Also 12 Pt. BOLD Headings with sub-headings.

  • The body of the text should be with 12Pt. Times New Roman. A line gap of 1.5 is required throughout the text.

  • All the figures and tables should be properly captioned and marked and should be included in the form of separate annexure. Please use quality graphics for the same.

  • In literature reviews, please provide a chronological view of the same. Reviews mostly from current papers are encouraged.

  • In case of empirical papers please provide a demo filled-in questionnaire or survey link (in case online) for the paper.

  • Please take care of the plagiarism part while submitting. We are inviting and soliciting an original, never published and duly cited article which we can proceed for publishing. We may ask for plagiarism report if need arises. Any manuscript which will have more than the limit of plagiarism percentage will be summarily rejected for the publication. A copyright form (attached with the mail) is to be returned duly along with the paper.

  • The contributions sent for publication will be referred for blind review. Correspondence and proofs for correction, if required, will be sent to the first named author unless otherwise indicated. Corrected proofs should be returned within stipulated days.

  • The final decision on the acceptance or otherwise of the paper rests with the Editorial Board and it depends entirely on its standard and relevance. The final draft may be subjected to editorial amendment to suit the Journal’s requirements. The decision about acceptance or otherwise of the paper will be conveyed to author by email.

  • All the submissions should be directed to : or and make a cc to