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Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Management Science Kolkata

About BIMS Journal of Management

BIMS Journal of Management had started in the year 2016 under the aegis of Prof. (Dr.) Ramakanta Patra, Principal, BIMS. It attracts submissions from various disciplines of social science with a special emphasis on “Management” domain and has a registered ISSN number. It is also indexed in J-Gate database. We welcome high quality work that focuses on research, development and application in the aforesaid areas.
The broad area of submission is given below although it encourages all interdisciplinary approaches—
  • Recent Innovative Marketing Approaches

  • Recent Innovative HR Practices

  • Recent Innovative Strategic Approaches

  • Changes in Financial Strategies

  • Social Media Marketing

  • General Management

  • Market Disruptive practices

  • New Economic Models

  • Econometric approach to management research

  • Society, People and Market

  • Consumer Research

  • Innovative Approaches in Business Education

  • Technological tools in applied management research etc.